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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Forget the BRICs is time for CHI-CHI !!!

Why invest in Chile and China?

In his famous "Fooled by Randomness" Nicholas Taleb argues (persuasively) that news have become noise. The more "news" we consume, the lower its information content. Under this premise, investors should read the newspaper only once a year.

Here is a twist on that... If I want to make money, I should look into long term leading indicators of business activity and leave it there.

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Research Association, GERA, The entrepreneurial intention (% of population that intends to start a business in the next 3 years) of Chile and China (CHI-CHI) is much higher than most countries. What is not to like? Over 40% of Chileans and Chinese are considering starting a business.

This is nothing short of remarkable if we consider than in 1970 both countries were under Marxist governments...

About 20% of the population in Brazil and Thailand are planning a business, not bad...

Not surprisingly European countries do not exhibit much appetite for business,

Are there other countries more entrepreneurial than CHI-CHI?  Not that many

Only Uganda, Colombia and Ecuador...

Latin America on the move? Out the 5 most entrepreneurial countries, 3 are from LATAM. Not bad at all..

The cradle of capitalism... sleeps

I guess that once you are rich you don't need to work hard? Am I right?