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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Quimera of Latin American Unity

Quimera is the Spanish word for illusion. For centuries LATAM politicians have promoted unity saying that a continent of brothers with one voice will be a strong force against the evils of a capitalist world that simply wants to strip its natural resources. Dozen of organizations with lofty goals have been created all of them with little practical achievements.

LATAM is now presented with a unique opportunity. It can offer a united front in the race for managing director at the IMF. So far most LATAM countries have jumped onboard. Why does and Argentina, Brazil, and Chile (ABCs) do not offer support for Agustin Carstens’ bid? What are they waiting for? What small political gain or loss is preventing them?

The ABCs decision is ironic (at best) when even Spain has declared support for the Mexican candidate.

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