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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chilecon Valley; business climate in Chile versus USA

How refreshing to read a Chilean newspaper...(at least the business section).  Instead of fiscal cliff in the US and austerity in Europe, the news today are about the finalists for Common Pitch 2012 (check their website)...

Chile must be doing something right... So often Latin America is in the news for the wrong reasons. At a time when the US and Europe are closing their borders to immigration, Chile is opening not only the border, but also its wallet. Entrepreneurs from the world are lured to Chilecon Valley with visas, money (USD 40,000) and connections with local venture capital funds. Startup Chile (a global business incubator) is going for its third year. More than 900 entrepreneurs from 37 countries have participated.

Is everything perfect? Far from it, In the article The Lure of Chilecon Valley. the Economist rightfully points to many deficiencies...

With so much darkness around the world.. it is sunny in Chile.

Want to start a business?  Consider Chile! That is not me but Steve Wozniak  saying it.

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