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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On why Finance must be combined with IB and political science..

or any other similar degree...

M&A used to be easier... the era of domestic deals is over. Nowadays many small and medium sized firms have a global footprint. This makes any deal very like to touch upon different legal and political systems.

Targets are ever more likely to be global. We now seem be in the era of "born global" firms. These are firms that from their inception have their "eyes" on foreign markets.

Consider Warren Buffet's (plus Brazilian Mr. Lemann) offer to take Heinz private. A recent article in the Financial Times shows how much red carpet needs to be covered from a number of countries to secure regulator's approval... In their case, they need Russia and China... Not easy

Don't know about you... I will be looking at GRE scores for law school

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